Are you interested in becoming a literary work? Two authors on Fey and Instagram lead us through the whole process

Though contemporary literary production is quite alive, many young writers are perceived as a process that was solely attended by high school literacy representatives. Looking at literature from a somewhat distant perspective, most would immediately remember the film’s idea of ​​creating an act – numerous writer blockages, scribbling, loneliness, and then long-term publisher search. In order for the public to draw near to the whole process of creating a common book, two nowadays anonymous authors through social networks from the first page of the manuscript speak the story of its creation.

Those who are writing themselves or in their surroundings have someone who is just working on their new manuscript, know how much the process of writing can be complicated, especially for unconfirmed authors. Dealing with white paper, the necessity of peace and free time, and then a visit to the publisher, are inevitable in the way of creating a book.

The process of creating a book, as well as the literature itself, might somehow seem to the distant world of the young.

But two anonymous girls in March decided to change it.

The audience from the beginning follows their path of literary creation

As they say, a year and a half worked on a book that is about to come out, and it is about the first of five novels that portrays life in Croatia from the perspective of a young person in a completely realistic way . When they come to the Croatian market, they are already preparing to translate and launch their title overseas.

In addition to writing a joint book, it is also an interesting story that social networking has a chance to track their audience. One, namely, daily Facebook postings and Instagram, introduce their followers to the whole book-making process.

It’s important they work, not who they are

So these days, they shared the messages of recent books, reactions after reading the manuscript, and writing manuscripts. The week then marked true happiness after finding the publisher.

By shaping the way of writing into a complete set of books, the author, who want to remain anonymous by the end of the manuscript path, gives insight into their actual path of writing. This is their goal, they say, because they are important to what they are doing, not who they are.