Choose your BAJAKU


Making your own fertilizer wouldn’t be that much difficult what you will be thinking. Now do their own planting element or there are many people who don’t get enough time to make or prepare the planting elements like soil, fertilizer and so on. They hire a gardener or farmer to do their work for their fertilizer and also as well as they don’t give any idea or prospective to their own field they just depend on the market and their workers.

Organic Fertilizer

If you have enough knowledge you can make your own BAJAKU. For making your own fertilizer is not that hard. You don’t need to give so much time or as well as you don’t be so creative so you should not need to give so much time to make the bajaku. What you need is all about knowledge about the fertilizer and the component inside the fertilizer. So, what are you thinking about making your own fertilizer?

So, for making your own fertilizer you need to know about the fertilizer and important component of fertilizer which you need to make your fertilizer better and more fartail. You can choose the potassium, magnesium and so many other components to prepare your fertilizer with good source. If you want to do firming or making a whole industry then you need to know about the fertilizer and later you can appoint some stuff to help you. The fertilizer characteristics also need to decide on the characteristics of soil as well as on the environment. If the soil is dry then you can choose a wet fertilizer and if the soil is wet then you can choose a dry fertilizer. Its also do the same in environment. If you are in a rainy environment or cold country rather than sunny hot country then you should choose a different kind of fertilizer. With your phone you can check the weather. Sometimes making sure your plants have their own herbs is good too.

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