Factors That Leads Teenagers To Use Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are commonly known as ‘vaping’. Nowadays, many people use e-cigarettes as a resort to help them quit smoking tobacco. Cigarettes contain tobacco. In this post we will focus primarily on nicotine that is contained with vape. Malaysian Vape Industry Advocacy (MVIA) stated that there are more than 80 percent of ex-smokers in Malaysia that use credit as a method to quit smoking. 

Among the Causes of Vape Problems

Vape: this word comes from the English where this is a slang word. It comes from “vaporizer” which is a device that was used to smoke marijuana or tobacco and other cigarette mixtures. The vape enthusiasts in the industry are already actively working to develop the local vape industry to be more competitive. Marketing has been widely done all over Malaysia. The Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) or Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) conducted a study to see how many Malaysian smoke vape currently. MOH stated that there were 1.12 million vape users in Malaysia based on their statistics .

First and Foremost Most Common Factor of Vaping Among Teenagers Are: 

Among youth and early adolescent students in school is the feeling of wanting to try something new. It was found that the main reason youths get involved in vape problems is due to the desire to try something new that they have never done. At a young age, they experience changes in terms of increasing age, thinking and surrounding circumstances. When going through the developmental processes of the surrounding conditions, there will be things that they have never seen or experienced such as smoking electronic cigarettes. Therefore, adolescents will have a desire to try to smoke electronic cigarettes that they have never tried (Asmak, 2016).

Second Most Common Factor of Vaping Among Teenagers Are: 

Peer Pressure or Peer Influence

Then, the influence of friends also encourages teenagers to do unhealthy activities, including smoking vape. Based on the information that has been obtained, teenagers easily accept invitations from friends because they believe what their friends are doing is right and can bring fun. This is because teenagers spend more time with friends than with their parents. Therefore, teenagers who are less self -motivated will be more susceptible to this unhealthy behavior especially is smoking vape beyond the knowledge of their parents. The stronger adolescents ’desire to seek pleasure, the lower their internal self-control (Azizi Y et.al, 2005).

In addition to peer influence, social media becomes an important element that attracts teenagers to try something including smoking electronic cigarettes. Social acceptance is very important to them because some are willing to take risks and accept challenges to be seen according to the passage of time. There is no doubt that the influence of television and social media has caused these teenagers to have such a perspective. In fact, there are even artists themselves who introduce vape on social media. The image looks interesting in adolescents and makes them follow the step (Razimi Bin Husin, 2020).


In a nutshell, there are lots of factors that influence someone to start vaping. In this post, here are some of the biggest factors that lead teenagers to use electronic cigarettes or vape. Here is the best lab consultant malaysia that you could ever find.