Guides for small business using SEO

Small business using SEO

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Here are the steps:

There are many new websites we can see nowadays. No matter what platform you are trying to build, it required patience. Repeat this in your mind every day. You need to be really patience and put all your effort into it. Start from fixing the broken links.

This is the easiest way to improve the backlink by audit the existing links and make sure they are functioning properly. It allows you to find out the main problem of a website, by slowly fixing on building the backlink, you will eventually improve in building strategy. Double check your web design as always. Just like you went to buy Hadji for yourself, of course you will choose the one that suits you the most right?

Second, focus on reaching individually, there is no harm to build a better relationship right? By doing so, you will have the opportunity to know more about your customer. Know where your inbound links come from, which link your competitor.

Make my business account in Google especially for local business. It provides more information to people who try to search your website online. Create content that able to interact with your customer.

Make an easy communication way between customer. Bear in mind you are just a starting up or small business, so never make your content to be “too promotional” based. Nobody wants to read content that are very “pushy”. Vice versa, small businesses are recommending to post content that are more related to sharing knowledge.

There is a need of equal give and take from your customer, so don’t expect them to do purchasing when you are not giving anything back to them besides of the physical product you are selling in your website.

Fourth, focus on your business priority. Know what you are selling and use the keywords that represent your business and use those keywords to be boosted in the Google ranking page. Take advantage of Google Analytics. Google Analytics are one of the best tool to monitor the progress.

No matter what SEO tips you are using for your business, always be patience and plan strategically of using SEO Malaysia wisely. Don’t try to rush into anything, success is for those who are willing to wait. Try to ask around people that have their own website and get additional advice from them. Always do some research before you planned to start any project.