Here’s where the secret of these women is one bread and candy every day

If the Italians are known as good food lovers , it is not necessary to recall it. However, have you ever wondered how their women in this abundance are likely to have good caloric foods and slim? Namely, maintaining a line helps them with a daily 15-minute trick, which is not difficult to copy.

Ladies who come from the country of fashion have a relaxed approach to food and consume everything they want from bread , pasta, ice cream and wine, but calories are controlled by simple and wholesome foods and at the same time add fewer toppings and sauces and eat a small portion. Such easy access to the diet provides a slim line, while not allowing for a walk that lasts longer than 15 minutes but is repeated several times a day, after a meal.

During walks, carry measuring apparatus or body-worn clothing to stimulate weight loss and sweating. And experts confirm that light physical activity after a meal is a secret to good looks because it speeds up metabolism and does not have the sense to exercise.