How To Earn Some Extra Cash Through Your Phone

How To Earn Some Extra Cash Through Your Phone

Are you bored and looking for a way to pass your time? Maybe you want a meaningful way to pass your time. Your phone is about to be a good friend of yours so hold on tight. online live casino malaysia spends around 142 minutes on their phone each day and if you combine the possibility of having social media, that goes up to about 4 hours. Spending so much time on your phone isn’t doing anyone any good so why don’t you just make some money while you’re at it. Here are some steps on how you can earn some extra cash while using your mobile phone.

Paid Online surveys. This is one of the easy ways. You can google paid online surveys and start taking them as soon as they’re available. You should be careful as these surveys last a short time before the limit of participants are filled. Each survey normally costs around RM 1- RM2 but once in a while there are some surveys that pay a lot. They would pay around 20 USD for a normal survey as long as you fit the description and requirement and if you don’t, they’ll let you off the survey pretty early on.

Next is online casinos. There are many casino malaysia sites on google and even more apps on Google Play. These apps allow you to win money by gambling with them. Play with moderation though as the addiction is real. Many who have scoured casinos to earn some extra cash have lost all their winnings due to their gambling addiction. These casinos allow you to cash in your wins via PayPal and keep your wins.

Paid via Games. There are games where you earn money after downloading their games. These games pay their users a few cents per game they download so to earn a hefty amount of money you need a lot of space and RAM to download those games. Some games even allow you to win some money while playing it. You can cash out your wins and keep your earnings. It may not be much but it will be better than playing games with no purpose. The money you earn, however little could be used to do any small hobbies you enjoy as well.

Secret Online shopper. There are companies willing to pay regular people for reviewing products made by their or other companies. This phenomenon is known as secret shopper and the online version is just as interesting. You will be paying for the products using your own money first which will later be reimbursed by the employers with some extra cash for your service. Keep your receipt for this as without a receipt your services cannot be reimbursed. This allows you to enjoy new products for free while being paid for reviewing them.

Now that we’ve come to an end, which method is your favourite? Having a mobile phone is a great thing but using it to make money is a greater purpose. Have we piqued your interest in what you can do with your mobile phone? We hope so because with a mobile phone, you can do anything and the sky’s the limit. Have fun and Good Luck.