Professor of the Philosophical Symbol of Notre-Dame: ‘It’s so important that he has his novel and his writer’

A catastrophic fire in the afternoon of Paris catapulted the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, and the fire brigade swept the main tower and roof of one of the most visited European historical monuments. The fire was placed under the control of about 2 am, and one of the biggest catastrophes in the field of cultural heritage last night was commented by HRT’s third journal, professor of the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Dino Milinović.

Dino Milinovic , an associate professor from the Department of Art History at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, commented on the third day of the HRT Daily, a terrible fire that yesterday swallowed the roof and main tower of the Paris Notre-Dame cathedral. Milinovic previously lived and studied in Paris, and at the same time was a cultural advisor at the Croatian Embassy in France. He said that yesterday’s catastrophe was experienced very personal.

A magnificent monument of architecture characterized by special elegance

He then explained the importance of Notre-Dame for Europe, the world, or civilization in general.

– It’s about a magnificent building, a magnificent monument of architecture. It is an architecture that is usually referred to as an example of Gothic architecture that has its origins in Île-de- France. It is one of the great cathedrals, it is not the oldest nor the largest, but it has one elegance that we may be able to link to and dedicate to the Virgin Mary, which is in the 12th and 13th centuries. century in France at one point was placed on a pedestal. Something in this building reflects this new sensibility, it is not as ‘difficult’ as the cathedral in Chartres, and that elegance has always been the main and main reason why this church is one of the most popular in the Christian world, Milinovic said and added that Notre – The name is symbolic of great importance, regardless of the fact that it is not a crown cathedral.

Symbolically, it is so important that he has both his writer and his novel

He also recalled that in 1804 Napoleon chose Notre-Dame for his emperor coronation.

– Notre-Dame is so symbolic that she has her writer and her novel Victor Hugo’s Notre-Dame church attendant, one of the most popular novels, not only in France but also in the world. Thus, it is a church that lives in our imagination and through the architectural wonder of Gothic architecture and through literature and through painting. Not to mention the centuries-old collection of valuable liturgical items in her treasury. Paradoxically, it has never been a fire during the Middle Ages, though it was the greatest danger for the great churches at that time, but had twice reconstructed during the French Revolution and during the Paris Commune, the professor said, adding that Notre-Dame was the first a monument to visit in Paris. In the past year, 13 million visitors visited it.

He once again referred to, as he said, the miracle of Gothic architecture. The height of Notre-Dame and the way of construction are exceptional for Christian Europe of that time, he stressed and reminded that Notre-Dame built two centuries, from the 12th to 14th centuries.

Therefore, we can not speak of a particular Gothic style because he was changing over that time, but what is tragic is that the roof beams are actually the oldest part of that cathedral, dating back to the 12th century and I can say that I had the privilege to walk through it the roof with the main restorer and conservator of France, Milinovic recalled his visit to Notre-Dame.