Reasons Why Students Can’t Focused Online Classes

Going through the pandemic and getting another strict lockdown is honestly not funny and tiring. People could not follow the rules of social distancing and using masks when they are outside. They have unreasonable excuses for going out and now we are dealing with 4 digits number of cases daily. But staying home is depressing as well, honestly. Everyone is struggling including our parents. I was a student who had to go through an online class during the first pandemic, even if I had one subject through the whole semester but it was really tough and I cannot imagine the ones who have like 8 subjects in that whole semester. But what are the reasons? 

I believe the first one would-be parents’ expectations. The reason why universities offered colleges and dorms for university students is that they knew students would not be able to study and living with their parents. It is mental torture. Now that everyone is home and is forced to communicate with each other, we expect them to understand us and they expect us to understand them. Going through online classes is already tiring, and our parents expect us to clean the house when we have free time, or wash the dishes, or feeds the cats. But during that free time, we would usually want our personal space, a time where we could relax and refuel our draining energies. 

Another reason why students cannot focus on online classes is because of their addictions to social media. We all should know by now, that social media has become one of the ways teenagers use to cope with their problems. Relationship, friendship dramas, anything, you name it! Thus, during their online classes, especially the 3 hours long ones, they would get anxious when they do not watch their social media between that period. Especially with the presence of unlimited internet at home, things just get easier for them. They can be online on Google Meet and hearing to the online class, and they can also use it to check their social media. For business purposes is acceptable, you can still hire online marketing social media Malaysia to take care of it. But if you really are interested, know more on Malaysia social media marketing services or view more online marketing social media Malaysia.

Last but not least, is because of their own emotion and strength. I might not imagine how they feel about it, but at the end of the day, the result will be on them. Noone likes hearing excuses for failure, and I am not trying to ask you to just suck it up and do it. I completely understand how we humans need a break, but at the same time we have to learn to adapt to our current situation because everyone is dealing with the same thing, it might not be the same pace and amount of pressure, but somehow we have to find the solutions, instead of dwelling in our problems and situation. Whatever it is, I hope that you are able to find peace somewhere in it, because you are still young and it is still too early to give up. IF you ever want to know more information, click here.