Reasons Why You Should Play Valorant: Five Duelist Edition

This game is an online shooting game but there are special abilities assigned for each agent. It makes the game much more exciting because it differentiates the game from other shooting games. However, if you have an unstable connection, the game will be interrupted. Time fibre is a good solution for a strong internet connection. You will need to have game sense and master the abilities usage. In these games, there are currently 16 agents so far this article has been published. Valorant consists of four agent classes which are Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinels. Valorant has its own charm that can attract players. Influencers in Malaysia like Luna Tasha and Deekz have shown some incredible Valorant gameplay. 

There are five duelist agents: 

  • Jett
  • Raze 
  • Reyna
  • Yuro 
  • Phoenix 


Comes from Korea, the shortest agent in Valorant, she is an agile fighter who prioritizes movement over everything. Swift equals Jett. Her abilities include a teleportation-based dash. Her dash is helpful to attack and defend effectively. Jett can go on higher ledges and corners easily. She also has a smoke-bomb ability to hinder sightlines. Her ultimate called Bladestorm moderate-to-heavy damage to the enemy. She uses the dashes and throws them in the enemy faces and remains accurate even while she’s moving.


Meet Raze, an agent who can help you get multiple kills without aiming. All of her skills focused on damage. Her kit is pretty annoying. Damage,damage and more damage. On the bright side, Raze is one of the easiest duelists to play compared to others. Raze can be the last agent on her team alive against five opponents, but if she still has all of her kit available, there’s a chance she can clutch out the round.


Scary. Powerful. Empress Reyna is scary. She craves blood. Reyna can over-heal and get kills faster due to her blind abilities. Invulnerable, healing and blind really upped her as one of the always-chosen duelists. An overconfident Reyna is easy to get eliminated immediately if she faces two or three opponents at once. 


Other than his ultimate, Phoenix’s kit doesn’t stand out as a duelist. However, Phoenix can be an asset to his team because he has abilities that can help his team. His ultimate can scout an entry lane for his teammates to push a site.


His Gatecrash ability that sends out an auto moving tether that he can use to teleport to. If Yuro user is smart enough, his skills can go unnoticed by the enemy team and he can easily be behind all of the enemy. A good coordination is needed to backstab multiple players as the rest of the team fights head on. 

Some duelists responsibilities:

  • Entry-fraggers 

You open up the space for a forced entry to put pressure on the enemy. Defending enemy will panic and as a response they will misfire. 

  • Open the map. 

A duelist acts as a major informant to the team. For instance, Jett is a head start and Jett will enter the site first. The duelist can act as bait. You cannot act alone. A lot of people mistaken duelists can act alone but that is not true. 

  • Pass information fast

For example,12 o’clock, three enemies. Jett and Raze have escaped mechanically. 

  • Clear angle 

Check each and every angle for enemy and possible trapwire or turrets 

  • Creativity 

Post-plan jobs are to be pushed forward. Trying to get killed. Have high game sense. Quick bait sniper so that they won’t kill your teammates.  

Choose a good internet provider. Safe, fast and offer reasonable prices so that your gaming experience would not be interrupted.