Remove bruises: Ingredients that immediately wipe ugly bruises!

Some people have so sensitive skin that even bruising automatically creates bruises. However, these inconveniences can be solved by miraculous fruits and vegetables.

Sensitive skin, which is also bruised by bruises, can sometimes make trouble. This applies especially to women who enjoy mini skirts and dresses during the summer, but who dare not discover their legs because they look like the boy just got beaten up. However, the discomfort of this type is soluble by using miraculous fruits and vegetables that eliminate unpleasant blonde marks from the body. Those useful tips you cannot miss, as you never know it saves your life.


Put a piece of pineapple on the bruise and see the results in a few minutes. The pineapple contains a ferment, which accelerates the hemorrhoid resorption, which resolves the bruising problem for the time.

Black onions

Arrange the bow to the circles you have to hold on the bruise for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure several times a day and the results will not be missed.


Bake unmentioned potatoes. After that, slice it, mix with two tablespoons of honey and water, and then put the mixture on bruise.

You can design your own favorite style as you wish, as long as the ingredient you picked are safe to consume for your condition.

If you are afraid of eating the wrong food, then you may do some info research and collect some information by visiting some random useful website as they may share some tips and facts.