Right Options for the segambut apartment for sale

The identification of the housing solution, at a time when, due to liquidity needs, the owners of several residential homes can put old but affordable housing proposals on the market, requires the utmost attention so as not to be faced with excessive expenses. in addition to those of the purchase (house price, taxes, notary fees, mortgage costs), such as renovation and furnishing costs. Choose the segambut apartment for sale in this case.

Right Choice

So good financial planning is mandatory, also taking into account the various bonuses related to construction, which allow you to obtain discounts, albeit spread over time (eco-bonus 110%, deductions on the VAT paid if you buy segambut apartment from the manufacturer, deductions on the purchase cost of the appliances, concessions on the purchase of the first home, furniture and appliances bonuses, facade bonuses, energy savings).

  • It is not only important to look at prices, which in cities recorded a decline of 0.3 and 0.1 percent respectively in the first half of 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year. There have been slightly higher drops in other cities. Given the current apparent convenience of falling prices, it is necessary to take into account the overall costs to enter “turnkey” in one’s new home.
  • To the purchase cost, you must then add the notarial cost for the deed of sale and for the deed of the loan, in the case of a loan request, and the accessory costs such as fire and explosion policy (mandatory by law), substitute tax (which in the case of the purchase of a first home it is equal to 0.25% of the sum requested), the costs of appraisal and investigation.

In the event that the latter are zero (it is better, however, to always ask the bank), the total cost of the loan for a sum of 300,000 euros will be equal to:

Notary cost: 

About 1% of the house for rent segambut mortgaged value (usually banks ask for a mortgage registered at 150% of the amount requested in the loan) equal to $ 4,500 in addition to the notary cost for the deed of sale which could reach up to another $ 4,500 (discounted at 30% if the price-value clause is used). Ultimately, for the purchase of a first home, in addition to the purchase cost, it is necessary to estimate about 2 – 3 percent of ancillary costs. Part of these costs can be recovered in the tax return such as the cost of the real estate agency, the notary and accessory costs that can be added to the interest expense.

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