SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups

Keyword Research Tools

There are millions of keywords out there used by all different kind of website. In this case, the newbie will be lacking confidence on choosing the right SEO Malaysia keyword to use. 

Fred not, I will be sharing some tools to help you in the keyword section. You can also enter the particular product or service on the keyword research tools I suggested, you will get some ideas from their recommendations.

Here are the tools:

First, Keyword Planner. Keyword Planner will provide you a list of “similar meaning” keywords allow us to get some ideas. Keyword Planner will also appear advertisement to give some inspiration, so you can use those “new” keywords instead of using what others are using. You can also get some traffic estimation of the keywords suggested by Keyword Planner as well.

Second, KWFinder. This research tool provides long tail keyword sample for us. You will be able to monitor the latest trend, CPC and the search volume from KWFinder. You can also search the famous keywords around your area. You also can find the keywords of your competitor are using and estimate the value of these keywords based on several web performance indicators.

Third, Keyword Tool. This keyword tool uses Google Autocomplete data to create long tail keyword, similar as KWFinder. However, this keyword tool will be giving out more than 700 keywords for free, if you wish to get more keywords, you will need to join as a member and sign up for the pro version.

Fourth, Moz’s Keyword Explorer. This tool considered as “newbie” among all. Moz’s keyword Explorer provide new opportunity and potential especially for the newbie by combining those keywords and prioritize the most important one for you. You will also be able to know more in depth about the ranking in SERP that based on social media and link of a particular website.

Try to master in SEMrush. Since SEMrush help you to dig your competitor’s landing page information, take this opportunity to gather all the keywords you receive from all the SEO keyword research tools and figure out the best that suits your business the most. Your web design is in your hand, so don’t mess it up.

All the best!