Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

A toxic relationship defines as a relationship where either one of you is causing the other, either, mental abuse or physical abuse. Speaking of which, as a disclaimer, this article will be discussing abuse. Back to the topic, there are a lot of toxic relationships in our society and it isn’t limited to relationships only, even married couples could be in toxic marriages. The reason why toxic relationships still exist is that the people in those relationships do not realise that they’re in them. They do not realise the toxic traits, even when they’re in the mlm business plan. Most people don’t recognise toxic behaviours unless someone points it out to them and tells them directly that what their partner is doing or how they are acting is bad and is not a normal way of acting in a relationship. So, to add to your knowledge, here are a few toxic traits:

Lack Of Trust or Too Much Jealousy

When you’re in a relationship, you should be able to trust each other. If your partner is showing signs of being secretive or just suspicious, before jumping to conclusions or making assumptions ask them about it. If they love you, then they wouldn’t lie. If mlm business plan try to avoid the question or try to gaslight you, which means to be manipulative and making you think you’re wrong, then they are probably hiding something from you. In that case, try to explain what you’ve noticed and if they’re still persistent, don’t put yourself through the struggle of keeping the relationship afloat. On the other hand, if you are overly jealous of your partner’s friends or any encounter they have then you’re just showing how much you don’t trust them, which is not healthy for your relationship either.

Little To No Support

Your significant other should always have your back unless it’s unreasonable, they should always support you in whatever you do. As an example, when you’re about to accept a new job offer that you really love and your partner disregards it, saying you won’t do well. That will bring down your spirit and make you believe that you won’t do well when you haven’t even tried. They will say that they’re only thinking of what’s best for you but in reality, if they really loved you, your partner would never try to bring you down.


This is seen in a lot of heterosexual relationships. For instance, if your partner says that you can’t have any friends of the opposite gender or they tell you that you can’t go out with your friends, they’re most probably a controlling partner. You have to remember that, unless you have a specific dominant/submissive relationship that you’ve both agreed on, they should not be able to tell you what to do or what not to do. You’re both equals and neither of you is the other’s parent.

Projecting Past Relationship Worries or Behaviours

Most people have had bad experiences with relationships that have left them in a bad state. But instead of stabilizing their emotions first, they jump into a new relationship, expecting better from the new partner. Look, no matter what you’ve gone through, it will never justify expecting more in your next relationship or not trusting your new partner or making them think they would do the same. Every person is different. Just because one or two people have treated you wrongly, don’t think that everyone else after that would do the same. And never jump into a new relationship when you’re not over the last one. Spend time with yourself first and heal yourself. No one else can do that for you.