Things You Should Focus in UX Design

UX Design

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The demand of web design Malaysia customer is getting higher nowadays. According to the UX statistic of 2018, 94% of the people don’t trust an outdated website and 59% of them prefer a beautiful outlook of the website. UX design is about human engagement. The way you design your website is how you engage with your customer.

The things that you should focus on are:

First, make contrast priority. Be sensitive to the colour tone especially the keyword that linked to another page, they keyword should be in “blue” colour, so that people will be able to know it is linked with another page. Consider of using dark colour for your website’s background colour, it occupied a large area in the website, it will eventually affect the visual experience to customer. Don’t ignore the header as well, it is located at the top, remember!

Second, navigation. Ensure your website’s navigation are “obvious” enough and even preferable to use some sticky menus on top of the website to make a quicker access experience. Next, never hide your search box and the login button inside the website menus.

Third, make sure the links are being highlighted or change the font colour. Make sure the keyword is linked with an accessible page and also resonate with the sources. Always expect customer to click on the heading and the images in your website. Make sure that the keyword and the images are linked with new web page.

Fourth, the flow. Make sure your website does not have dead end page. Original are always the best, never over design it, don’t confuse your customer or try to challenge their patience to explore new format which are not familiar to them.

Fifth, scrolling experience. Make sure the speed while scrolling works smoothly as people will decide to leave as soon as possible when they get annoyed to wait for a certain page to load. It needs to make it clear under every pages and stated clearly whether there is continue pages or is already end of the content.

Sixth, every buttons colour and size needed to be clear and “big enough” especially on the payment page, it required more effort to tap to prevent accidental tapping for customer.

Seventh, make sure the images and video in your content are high quality in the all type of devices to gives out a trustworthy vibe.

Never be careless of the details in UX design, they are all points for your website.