Top Social Media Platforms For Architects

Whether you search for “firm arkitek di Selangor” or “the best architect in PJ”, it is bound to show up, if well marketed. How can an architect market themselves and brand themselves in the eyes of spectators?

Branding yourself is the road to success in 2021. If you are a well-branded firm or individual, you thrive well even when the economic situation is against you. The only way to reach to become a brand yourself is a good marketing and branding strategy. These days, it has become easier but with ease, it has become much more competitive. There are thousands out on social media competing for their spot in the spotlight. How can you ensure you are using the right platforms and doing the right and relevant thing for your brand.

Sometimes you don’t need to e focusing all of your energy on all the platforms. You just need to find the right one and the right one is usually where your target market is. 

Here are the top social media architects must use in 2021, for maximum exposure and branding opportunities. 

  • Youtube 

The master of video platform and video content, this is certainly the platform for those architects who would like to teach and spread their valuable and relevant video content. Video content is certainly the king of 2021. Effectively using video content leads to higher sales, higher traffic to your blog and other social media as well.  The video tone must be consistent across all. Your videos on youtube must have a purpose and this poses as a reason for people to continuously come back to your youtube channel. 

  • Facebook 

Facebook has slowly transitioned from a place to connect with people to a marketplace indeed. It is also where user-generated content gets passed around and where businesses find their customers ready to spend.  Over 2 billion people use the versatility of Facebook to their advantage and architects must do the same. Their customers are aiming the 2 billion Facebook users.  

  • Instagram 

One of the more popular apps of this generation, Instagram. Instagram is where content thrives. People solely use this social media network to show off their own high-quality images and video content. The appeal and glamour of the content along with the message helps you build yourself a brand image on Instagram. An Architect normally posts high-quality images of their own designs and ideas on Instagram and connects with their followers. 

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for architects. With the rising trends of new social media marketing tactics, you can build your own community on either Facebook, Instagram, or youtube. Normally people focus on 2-3 social media networks. Posting too much and too many can also be negative publicity for you. What you post and create should be relevant to your followers and potential customers. Other social media that are effective for creative careers such as architecture are Pinterest and Linkedin. LinkedIn is of course to connect with other professionals and build a credible image to the world while Pinterest serves the purpose of your brand image. 

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