Update Site SEO Setting

Site SEO Setting

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Why is it important to update your site SEO setting? When you do so, it will be easier for search engines to know the details of your site and can boost your site’s ranking higher in the search engine results page (SERP). If you can fully master your SEO skills, you reduce your advertising cost.

Of course, there are nothing perfect in this world, you will most probably think that SEO does not mean everything, it is just a part of the marketing strategy, but what makes people really consider of SEO is because it is an organic search tool and people will always search for information and answer through online.

Therefore, there is no harm on knowing more about SEO Malaysia is one of the best way to make people found your site. Knowing the fact that people will consider of rushing and just go through the first page, most of them will not spend extra time to click on the second page and so on. Your web design speaks a part of it too.

Here are the reasons:

First, you need to understand the text you enter in the first two fields on the left panel in your website will be used by search engines.

Next, don’t ignore your site title as well as the site description. Site title is the most important tag for your site SEO. The descriptions are not as important as the title, but it compels audience by clicking on a specific site. Meta description is where you can know the information.

And then, site meta keywords will determine your site’s ranking. This part is not compulsory to include keywords, it is totally up to you.

And then, enter the keywords in your titles and descriptions on a page level. Its better to enter both the titles and descriptions individually on page settings menu. We all know that branding is important, but in the same time, those keywords you have entered will help your ranking on search engine.

Let me tell you something, you can use similar keywords in every titles and descriptions, it will enhance both SEO and the ranking in search engine.

So these are some of the updating SEO setting guides. Try to make the best of every single content you published on your website.