What Are The Usual Symptoms Of A Bad Liver?

As we all know, the liver is one of the important organs of our body, has an important role in the human body, both to detoxify and detoxify, but also to create blood, is a busy organ of work. Since it has a lot of responsibility, it needs to be protected and if problems occur, it can cause more problems for your body. If you don’t take care of your liver, you are likely to experience poor liver function. It is suggested that you may have to take some healthcare products such as 馬來西亞最好的肝藥保肝寧 after consultation with doctors. When liver function is in decline, various adverse reactions will occur frequently and can have a significant impact on your health. Therefore, you need to take care of your liver to improve its function in general, so that you can prevent your health from being affected by liver lesions when they occur.

Frequent Diarrhoea  

If you have diarrhorea in your life, it is possible that your liver function is declining. The liver itself does not promote the excretion of bile, but can help the digestion of food. At this time, if the liver function declines too much, the secretion of bile will be insufficient, and this is when the person whose liver function is declining does not know it himself and does not pay attention to his diet, it may lead to the frequent occurrence of this condition of diarrhorea, which is related to the decline of liver function.

Tiredness and fatigue

In the process of declining liver function, the patient may have fatigue and weakness. If you always feel fatigue and weakness in a short period of time, it is likely that your liver function has decreased and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients has diminished. If there is not enough nutritional supplementation, the body may become fatigued and weak at this time.

Significant loss of appetite

A loss of appetite is also a sign of impaired liver function, as the liver is an important organ for digesting food, and generally requires the liver to secrete bile for digestion after eating high-fat foods. If the liver function decreases, food digestion will be affected at this time and the person will therefore also experience a loss of appetite. If this is a frequent occurrence, it is important to improve the function of the liver.

Frequent insomnia

When liver function declines, the person is likely to suffer from insomnia. During sleep at night, insomnia usually occurs because of hot flushes, dry mouth and sweating. If you suffer from insomnia all the time for a short period of time, you need to be alerted to the fact that it is most likely to be related to the decline in liver function.

Prone to bad breath  

Many people suffer from bad breath, and this is most likely due to a decline in liver function. As the liver function declines, the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and digest food will be affected. This makes it easier for bacteria to grow in the mouth, or for bile reflux to show up, and this is when the patient may have a noticeable sign of bad breath. This is also associated with reduced liver function, especially after waking up in the morning.