What is Love

What is Love?

People often say that love is a feeling. Some say that you’ll know it’s love when your heart races when you see someone you have a crush on. Others say it is when you are willing to make sacrifices for someone else’s happiness.

Love is a decision rather than a feeling. It is because you decide on who to invest feelings to. You decide if it is worth a try. You decide if there is still something left for you to stay. You decide on giving the relationship a chance because you choose to see the silver lining in everything. Choosing to feel love is a decision. This is because you are making yourself vulnerable to the possibility of getting hurt in the end.

Ultimately, love is love. Choose to love no matter how hard the situation is. Remember what made you give love in the first place. Go back to the happy memories that you have and let go of those memories that causes you pain. This way, hate will not grow, and rather, love will flourish. No one in this world is perfect. Yes, some are better and you may think that someone else is better than the one you are with but he or she could also think the same thing but this person still chooses to stay with you, still chooses you everyday.
Love and pain always go together like copy and paste. By loving, you get to feel pain and it is normal. You can’t expect a love that is all sunshine. You just have to be open to the possibility of both of you getting through the rough patch you are experiencing. Do not fight with each other, instead, fight together and make the problems go away. It is all about having an open mind, understanding each other’s sentiments and accepting each other’s flaws. Always choose to love.

Love Can Hurt

Loving can hurt but it can also give you the greatest feeling that you’ll ever feel. Being in love with someone who loves you back is probably one of the best things this life can offer. This is because you know that even if everyone is against you, there is still one person who will take your side no
matter what. There is still someone who will choose to stay by your side even when everyone else has left you.

There is still someone putting an effort to make you smile even when everyone else has chosen to give up on you. So choose to love despite the possibility of getting hurt. Do research and find some counselor to help you in your specific problem.

Have faith that someone out there is also looking for you. Someday, somehow, your paths will cross and you’ll know, you have made the right decision to continue loving despite the presence of pain.

Love is a feeling. Love is a decision. Love is love. Decide what love is for you. You are the only one who can figure it out and when you do, love will become your happiness. Love will become your life.

Love will give you contentment. You can always design the most suitable style that suits you and your partner. Nothing will come to you naturally, you have to create by your own. Do check out some useful website to get some tips on maintaining your relationship as well.