Why would you Gamble!?

OK, so I’ll allow myself to rant, why? Because this is a pretty valid thing to rant about! Maybe it’s because I’m still young to have enough money to play with, but even then, the concept of ‘playing’ with money, something you need to SURVIVE, is very alien to me. 

I already feel anxious when I spend some cash on something I like, let say a new game. Now you straight up have people placing hundreds on the table in hopes to win more and by a small margin!

I’ve done a bit of digging around, and most casino games are all by chance, by luck. There is not much skill required in them, so really, the chances of you winning all comes down to how generous the casino is feeling, and they’re not that known to be generous, but can you really blame them? I mean people who own casinos must’ve hit the jackpot themselves! They managed to entice people to come into their establishment and essentially give them free money! 

OK, there was a bit of exaggeration there, but have you ever been to an actual casino? I have, it was full of old people, some young too, but mostly old. And the looks on their faces only spell out one word. Despair. Oh, how I pity them! It looks like they lost everything, some of them probably have

I will give some credit to casino establishments, most of them want people to come back, so of course, they will try to stop that person before they dig themselves in a deeper hole, ensuring that they are still OK to come back and try their luck again. Now, don’t let me be misunderstood, you CAN still win in a casino, and some people have! It’s just that the risk is too high and the chances are low

Your better of saving that money! Wow, I sound just like my mother saying that. But she wasn’t wrong.

Gambling Addiction 

Unfortunately, gambling addiction has plagued some household, if they can’t go to the casino they will just visit the many online casino.

Gambling addiction is a problem, as you can imagine. It puts a strain not on just your economic health, but your social health and mental health too!  I’ve seen people who are already wrecks financially, what really shocks me is how they keep on gambling despite that. Thye is in this state of delusion where they feel like they can win back all the cash they lost. They borrow money when they are out and it puts a strain on their ties with both their family and friends.

So if you or anyone you know has the symptoms of a gambling disorder, do seek some help and some consultation, join support groups! It is no laughing matter. 

Responsible Gambling

It is important to always remember that Gambling is still paid entertainment, it is only for fun! It should not be something you should stress over about a lot. The best solution is prevention and that starts with gambling responsibly.

So for those of you who still want and insist on placing your bets, well I won’t be able to stop you, but what I can do is briefly advise you on how you can gamble more responsibly.

Set an Amount you want to use.
When you head off to gambling, set your self a sperate amount of cash for the activity. That way you do not dig into your savings if you are having lots of losing streaks. 

Step Away when the amount has finished
When the allocated amount has been drained, do not head for the ATM, just step back, and leave. Go have a drink or something, a snack maybe. You are done for the night. 

Don’t Drink and Gamble

Alright, so you wouldn’t be drunk while handling a vehicle right? So, you shouldn’t be drunk when playing with your money! As you know being in a state of drunkenness can alter decisions you make and so on, so don’t drink and gamble, please!  

And that is all I have to say about gambling as a whole, I still don’t get it, but if people want to do it they can so long as they are not harming others and themselves. But it is extremely important to seek help if one is going thought of gambling addiction.