10 facts you did not know about dental implants

Dental implants have become a very popular option for the replacement of lost teeth, primarily because of their longevity and realistic appearance. Here are some interesting facts about dental implants , which you probably did not know:

1. Implants were used by ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Mayans

In ancient China, they made the root of teeth and bamboo teeth. Ancient Majesty used sea shells to make implants, and the Egyptians used metal. Artificial teeth for wealthy Egyptians are made of gold and ivory, and for the rest of the shells and bones.

The dental implants that we know today are accidentally discovered by a Swedish scientist in 1952, but only in the 1980s began to be used commercially.

2. Caries can not be reported on dental implants

Yes, this is true, but that does not mean that you should eat things full of sugar and neglect your daily oral hygiene. It is very important to treat dental implants as well as natural teeth and take care of the overall oral hygiene to prevent the onset of the disease.

3. Dental implants stimulate the growth of the jawbone

If you are left without a tooth, over time, the jaw bone weakens and starts to disappear. Dental implants are the only solution for tooth replacement that will stimulate the growth of the jawbone, while the dentures can accelerate the loss of bone. This is another reason why you should sacrifice a slightly higher cost of implant tooth .

4. Dental implants are stronger than steel

To make dental implants, pure titanium (or its alloy) is used, making them more robust than steel! Titanium is much easier. As an example of hardness, titanium can be mentioned that it is used in the construction of rockets in space technologies as well.

5. Very high percentage of installation performance

Dental implants have a very high percentage of patients’ installation success, about 95-98%. Unlike other solutions, implants are long lasting, their stability does not depend on surrounding teeth, and no further adjustment is required after installation.

6. Dental implants are biocompatible

The biocompatibility of titanium with a human body means that the body will most likely not reject the impant and that titanium has no toxic effects on the right and the jawbone. Other materials used in the past for the development of tooth implants were not well adapted to the fork, or were simply rejected by the organism.Titanium with a bone.

This is one of the biggest reasons why titanium is used in medical and dental procedures.

7. They can withstand a force of 90.7 kg

Dental implants can withstand a force of 90.7 kg, as opposed to dentures that can withstand only 22.7 kg.Also, unlike dentures, dental implants retain their firmness over time.

8. Dental impants are not immune to gum disease

It is believed that the implants of the tooth are susceptible to gum disease, just like natural teeth. If you have lost your tooth due to gum disease or just have gum disease, the risk of implant rejection is higher.

Oral hygiene is important in the vein in order to avoid gum disease, and it is best to consult a dentist if you have these problems. Swollen and red gums, bleeding and gum pull are a very common cause of tooth loss. It is therefore important not to neglect tooth hygiene around the dental implants, and regularly go to the dental examinations to prevent this.

9. Normal nutrition and chewing

The assumption is that about 50% of people with dental prostheses remove their denture during meals, because it is easier for them to eat without it. On the other hand, dental implants provide a completely natural bite and do not have the risk of moving during the meal. Dental implants allow you to enjoy the food you love.

10. What is the future of dental implants?

It is anticipated that in the future, implants will be made of nanadianaments, which act on the jaw bone and the right. Do visit the dentist from time to time, make a consistent check up for your oral care. You can google and research the best dentist that near you, a professional dentist will definitely have their own official website, it doesn’t need to be attractive or fancy as other website, even you can see social media they share a lot of promotion. Who knows they are currently running a promotion and it helps you save a lot of cost from there. Find a dentist that you love and comfortable with.