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Among Us vs Fall Guys: Which Is More Fun?

Before this games were just all in board games and physical toys or cards, but nowadays with digital technology and media platforms, the gaming world has changed extensively. Previously, the seniors in the previous generations looked down on video games but now the seniors appreciate and enjoy the fun with video games. With youtube channels promoting and Twitch channels allowing users and fans to know what it’s like to be playing certain games, it’s one great marketing way, it can be counted as digital marketing and even network marketing software. Even now,  Dota, GTA, and League of Legends have seen the last era of games. Now the rise of a new era with Fortnite, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Outriders, and many more new and latest video games. Nowadays, even children of grandparents are playing video games and have found bonds with them. 

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But, as much fun as playing games is, there are certain games that have found likeability in everyone, or at least in every video game player. It can be for its fun expressive outlook and aesthetic, maybe even for its funky and groovy elements that it provides, it can even be the background music that made people love playing this game. Remember Angry Bird?  That has every element and reason mentioned above and remember how much people hyped up the game to the point it was declared as the Universal Most Favourite Game?

Exactly, but that has been years, and ever since that there have been many games that came across and were so close to beating the spot of Angry Bird, but now maybe it is time for two new games to compete for those spots.

Since the unspeakable year happened, people have relied a lot on digital media entertainment to divert their minds and amuse themselves from boredom. During this time period, it was also declared for us to stay home to stay safe. So many of us didn’t really get to meet friends and people for nearly years. Some went to Tik Tok and some went to Netflix entertainment, the remaining went to gaming. 

You see, Among Us has been in the industry for nearly two years, but only during 2020 will the rise of the fame of this game increase. The main reason for this is because the players have the chance to play these games with their friends and family. It is common to communicate with them but to be playing an appropriate yet fun game with them, now that’s rare. This game is all about who is the better liar and better detective. It has two to three imposters that change in every round and other crewmates that are supposed to complete the tasks or to detect the imposter in order to win the game and three varieties of maps. 

After this game became a viral sensation on gaming channels and social media,  the gaming industry also came out with another game in the midst of 2020, The Fall Guys. The Fall Guys are not the same as Among Us but with the colorful outlook with the upbeat gaming sounds, people have drawn font to it. Fall Guys is a battle game that has 60 competitors, can also include your friends if you want, compete through multiple levels to be the title winner. 

Totally different right? So with these two games still on the rise of the gaming industry and a growing fanbase, we would never know who would win the Angry Birds title anywhere near now.

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