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Embracing Living On Your Own During The Pandemic

As I am writing this from the tiny apartment in the heart of Bandar Sungai Long, my heart goes out to everyone who is holding it out alone during this pandemic. So many had to make their big transitions during this delicate time. Some moved back to their homes while others had to move out for the sake of their work, relationships, and themselves. There are so many who had to embrace the world of living alone and surviving so during this time.

If you are struggling to get the hang of living alone, please be assured that you are not alone. So many of us took our time when it came to our first day of being alone. We have long dreamed of the day we will move out and decorate our own tiny little space. The reality to moving out alone is hard. It costs money to move alone and live alone which leaves us with little for our own peace of mind. But there are so many ways we can start accepting the state of living alone and enjoy it even during the pandemic? While it may seem like a long catch, it is not impossible. 

When it comes to living alone, the first thing we have to do is getting organized. It is easy to get lazy because we live alone. Dishes can easily pile up, refrigerators can fill up with food we do not eat, laundry gets undone and books start crowding the room. It is important to stay organized and not let yourself live in a cluttering mess. When we live in clutters, our brain also remains cluttered. So start getting into a routine as soon as you start living alone. Just because we have a routine does not mean we have to follow someone else’s. It is important to have a routine and an organizational system that works the best for you!

Bandar Sungai Long

Next, it is important to stay in touch with your loved ones even if you live alone. Living alone is no excuse to spend every living moment mindlessly scrolling through social media and watching Netflix endless. Instead, spend every day a portion of your time connecting with friends and family. The frequency you keep in touch does not necessarily have to be every day. It can be according to your needs and desires. Again, this is important to cope with loneliness when living alone. 

Last but not the least, is the most effective tip of embracing your alone life. It is about getting companionship in the form of a pet. Sometimes all we need is a dog, or a cute cat to make our day. If you are not into some fur animals then think about adopting a little marine animal such as goldfish or even a turtle. You can also get a little hamster, a bunny, or even a bird to pass the time. But make sure you are mentally prepared to take care of an animal before getting one.