Importance Of A Drainage System

Unfortunately, most homeowners do not take into account the importance of having a properly functioning drainage system. As you read, having one that works is vital to avoid future damage. If water happens not to be drained in a measured manner, it can be the reason for erosion, mold growth, insect infestation, problems with gutters and downspouts, among other damage. You do not have any wish for sure of that.

However, don’t panic. If you have a flat roof, you can have an effective system with the assistance of a top drainage system for roof malaysia. These are the three most common types of drainage systems for flat roofs:

Internal Drainage

This system is made up of drains usually located in the center of the property, which is connected to an internal network of pipes that drain the water away from the roof, thus keeping it away from the walls and base. The benefits of having this type of system are that the pipes hardly need to be replaced since they are protected by the ceiling and walls. Also, they are visually appealing as gutters and downspouts are not necessary. This is the most expensive of the three types of drainage systems.

However, internal drains need regular maintenance. If these become clogged with leaves or debris, they will cause serious problems sooner or later.


First of all, this system is inexpensive. They are openings in the exterior walls that drain water away from the base and walls of your home. They do not require regular maintenance, and if they are long and wide enough, they will have virtually no clogging problems. In addition, they are a good option for places where there are a lot of dense rains.


As you might know, rain gutters are the most collective drainage system for any kind of roof due to their benefits. They are affordable, protect window and door openings, and like other types of systems, keep water away from the foundation to prevent structural damage to the property.

If you wish to avoid upcoming headaches and avoid your home from water damage, you require a properly functioning drainage system, installed by professionals. We can help you! Rain gutters Solution has decades of experience providing affordable rain gutter installation, cleaning, and repair service. 

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