kitchen storage ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas For Better Organization

If your kitchen is not spacious enough for all of your cutleries and dry or wet ingredients, you have to know how to properly organize your kitchen, drawers and shelf so that you can have a lot of things in a small place. And most importantly you must make sure that everything is reachable so you don’t have to move a lot while cooking.

You can use anything to make sure that your ideas are space-saving and useful in so many ways. In this article I will share with you some kitchen storage ideas that will actually make your kitchen organization better.

kitchen storage ideas

1.   Use pegboard to hang up utensils

Commonly, people will put the knives, peeler, forks, spoons, butter knives, soup ladle, spatula and so on in the drawer. But it can actually be quite a fuss because the drawers are usually placed quite far from the place that you usually cut and peel. Hanging up peg boards will actually help to reduce the usage of drawers and be easier to reach (and unreachable by kids). You can move your hands and grab the utensils in seconds.

2.   Install pull-out pantry

This is especially important for those who are living in a house where the space for the pantry is limited. You can keep your sauces, seasonings, canned food and bottled food in the pull-out pantry. It will be kept out of your sight but you know everything is reachable and makes your life faster.

3.   Use containers to store things

When you get back from the groceries, you will find that you have a lot of boxes for cereals, crackers and so on. This is when the containers come to the rescue. You can open all the boxes and transfer the cereal into any airtight container which at the same time will ensure that your cereal will be in a good condition for a long time. This is also beneficial for when you want to store foods in your fridge because it will save up a lot of space.

4.   A pull-out trash can

If you don’t like seeing your trash can and rubbish in your kitchen, using a pull-out trash would be better for you. There is this one kitchen design where you make a hole on your countertop and it goes straight to your trash can. This is very convenient especially when you have to cook in a huge amount. You don’t have to walk in order to clean the counter and also it is very nice for the eyes that there is no trash in sight.

5.   Set a place for everything

Setting a place for each thing will help to make things more organized and save more space. This seems not related but if you try doing it at your house, you can see the difference. It is also good if you have children at home, so that you can teach them on how to be disciplined. This is also beneficial if you have people coming over to your house. They can easily find the plates and bowls if they want to use them.

There are various kitchen storage ideas that you can actually find on the internet but I have to say that not every style and design is suitable for your house. Make sure you do research before deciding anything so that you won’t regret your decision.