Scented Candles And Our Mental Health


The scented candles have been influential in every age. In the old days, centuries back, candles were only used for removing darkness. These candles were used for lightening their houses or rooms. Since the civilization of human beings, candles have been used, and are being used by them. So candles have been very important since civilization. But nowadays, in this modern age, the utilization of candles has become very great.  Now the candles are used for light, scents and medical treatment

when to use scented candles?

We use scented candles for multiple purposes. scented candles are used when we are in darkness, the scented candles are used when we want to have peace and comfort in our environment.  We mostly use scented candles at our home, but why would we limit our scented candles to just our home? we can bring our favourite scent with us even during our travels with Fluffy & Co’s 80g travel-sized candles. The scents come with dreamy names, like Mimpi Melati which consists of jasmine and ylang ylang, and Day Spa which has lemongrass and lemon. Their labels are also entirely customisable if you want them as a gift for a special someone.

Relationship between scent and mind

The relationship between scent and mind is very central and considerably significant. The scent of the candles has a great influence on our mind. The positive scent affects positively and derives effective feelings in our mind. but the bad smell or stink derives hate and abhorrence in our behaviour. This disapproval creates uneasiness and conflict in our mind. When we smell fragrance we feel happiness and comfort but when a stink enters into our nose we feel uneasiness and stress. So, the scent and mind are having a very significant relationship.

Relationship of memory and scent

Our past is very significant in our life. The connection between past and present makes us psychologically healthy. The memory, in others, is a past. If there is no past there is no memory and there is no normal life. when we lose memory, we lose our normal life. The memory is having a very strong connection with scent. The scent or fragrance may recall your best memories associated with scents. the smell of saltwater brings to mind a fond memory of a holiday by the beach. Scents trigger memories, which is why you should create beautiful memories at home with the right room scents. Make that possible with scented candles, but don’t just get any brand — we have several Malaysian scented candle brands to introduce. Scented scented candles and our memories. Have you ever observed that a particular perfume may evoke memories of a certain person or place? The relationship between memory and scent can also never be condoned. The memory has a very great connection with our memories. 


Scented candles are very important in making our mind peaceful and healthy. The good fragrance allows our mind to work properly. And the mind works appropriately when it feels good scent. So, the fragrance is very significant in our mental health. The top picks for scented candles in Malaysia are of good quality and they help your mind work appropriately.

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