What is the executive secretariat?

The professional in executive secretarial or administrative assistant is one of the most important professions today, as it is developed by personnel trained to perform administrative tasks, who organize and support the executive functions of the company.

If you are looking for a profession, find out here the 4 reasons to study executive secretariat:

1. Different knowledge and skills

The executive secretary or administrative assistant must have knowledge of management techniques, basic accounting, basic language skills, computer use and office automation skills.

2. Wide field of work

The professional in executive secretariat will have a very broad field of work and will be able to work in public and private companies, banks, insurance companies, ministries, consulates, national and private schools, own and third-party micro-businesses, agencies, airports, telecommunications companies and Every existing company will always need the functions of this professional profile.

3. Short study time

Another advantage of studying this career is the study time. On average, it is done in 2 to 3 years at most with the opportunity to be able to validate it with many professional careers due to the curriculum offered by the profession.

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4. Stability

The work to be carried out by this profession has a quality of trust, since its work within a company is essential and becomes the axis of the company, which allows all administrative processes to be carried out correctly.

It is because of these advantages mentioned that choosing the career of executive secretary or administrative assistant is an excellent option for young people who are still undecided.

Now you just have to carefully choose the institution that will give you the guidelines to be the professional you aspire to. The Widad International University is the only accredited secretarial institute in Lima due to the superior educational quality and the curriculum with a specialization in Business Management. In addition, it has a job bank with more than 100 business agreements. Widad International University also provides multimedia university courses if you are interested.

What is the job of executive secretary?

Before throwing siren songs at you and giving you reasons why you should choose to study Executive Secretariat, we must explain what a position of this type can consist of. Obviously, the tasks will vary depending on the type of company and executive you work for, but many of these tasks are common to any executive secretary:

Answer, filter and pass phone calls, take messages and deal with requests for information and requests.

Read and analyze presentations, incoming memos and reports to determine their importance and plan their delivery.

Write memos, reports, presentations and other documents from drafts, handwritten copies or dictations.

Preparation of reports and summaries using updated software packages.

Organize executive travel, taking care of all the preparations before and after it.

Receive executives or visitors from other companies who come to visit those of the employer.

Prepare the agenda and take care of the preparations for the meetings, also attending them and writing the minutes.